Consumer products

We understand the needs of Finnish consumers

In Kiilto’s cleanliness and hygiene consumer business, our goal is to develop, manufacture and market reliable products designed for Finnish consumers and their needs. As a Finnish company we know the Finnish conditions and requirements for our products. Our extensive range includes dishwashing, household, laundry and personal hygiene products under six different brands.

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Wide range of products

We develop and make our products safely and responsibly in Finland, while caring for the environment and people. As a Finnish company, we are familiar with local conditions and standards. Our wide selection includes products for washing up, household cleaning, laundry and personal hygiene.

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A reliable partner engaged in continuous development

We aim to help Finnish retailers serve consumers as well as possible. Our logistics centre in Raisio has a delivery reliability target of 100%; this is a point of honour for us. Ensuring a high-quality, unbroken delivery chain enables 100% availability of our products on shop shelves.

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Serto product range has been renewed

Serto laundry detergents have been renewed in terms of both packaging and composition. The new concentrated detergent recipe makes it possible to wash clothes with a smaller amount of detergent. At the same time, the size of packaging has been reduced, which in turn saves both packaging raw materials and the environmental damage caused by transport.

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