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Flame Retardants for Paper and Cardboard

Untreated paper and cardboard are highly flammable materials. This makes their use problematic in many applications.The fire properties of paper or cardboard can be markedly improved by treating them with flame retardants.

Even in small amounts, Kiilto Fireproof flame retardants can achieve major improvements in flame retardant properties. Our flame retardant is environmentally friendly and will not affect the other properties or appearance of your product.

Products made from paper and cardboard are being used in more and more innovative ways in a range of industries. For example, corrugated board, which is made of several layers of paper, is tough enough to meet the needs of heavy industry, but sufficiently light and cost-efficient to beat many competing shipping materials.

Untreated paper and cardboard are easily flammable materials. Flammability limits a product’s use as construction material, for example. Flame retardant treatment improves an end product’s fire-resistance rating, which can open up entirely new applications and even entire markets.

Flame retardants can be used to achieve considerable improvements in the fire resistance and safety of paper and packaging products. Kiilto Fireproof flame retardant is safe, easy and efficient to use. The Kiilto Fireproof P series consists of environmentally friendly substances only. Suitable for all paper and packaging industry products, our flame retardant is harmless to the environment and people, and easy to apply.

No effect on material properties

Our flame retardant can be applied in either solid or liquid form, depending on the production process. It is applied either during or after the production process, once the product is ready.

Kiilto’s flame retardants for the packaging industry are single-component, water-based products in liquid form. The product’s viscosity is normally around 18–20 mPas (DIN3), but this can be adjusted.

The flame retardant can be applied like normal printing ink and does not affect the cardboard’s other properties. Printing ink can also be applied on top of the flame retardant.

Time and material expenses saved

Kiilto’s objective is to create the necessary flame retardant effect as efficiently as possible, saving the customer time and material costs. We tailor our flame retardant for each customer’s needs. Our expert flame retardant team will ensure that the product works well in the customer’s production process.

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