Sometimes life can be sensed more fully. It can be heard more sharply, seen more clearly, or it can simply be allowed to touch us just as it is. The purest moment can simply be enjoyed, allowing the senses to hold sway. And then they reveal to you the new, wondrous day.

The story of Aisti

Aisti is an authentic and uncomplicated brand that generates natural and positive energy, and encourages you to enjoy the beautiful moments of everyday life. It offers a series of pleasantly scented body care products that make you feel fresh and invigorated. The products in the range are gently cleansing and moisturising, and absorb into the skin quickly. The products were developed according to the wishes of Finnish women, such as rapid absorption, effective hydration and fresh fragrances. The active substances in the products are inspired by Finnish nature. Let fresh and pure scents conquer your senses!

Aisti is a product brand of the Finnish company KiiltoClean. Part of the Kiilto Family group, KiiltoClean is a Finnish supplier of cleanliness and hygiene solutions. We develop and manufacture safe domestic products for laundering, home cleaning and personal hygiene. Dating back to 1919, Kiilto is a family-run company with its roots in the district of Pispala in Tampere.


Aisti products are freshening and pamper your senses, creating positive energy and everyday wellbeing.

Moisturising lotions

Aisti Kosteusemulsio lotion, containing moisturising glycerine and conditioning allantoin, makes your skin silky smooth and supple. The moisturising lotion restores the normal moisture balance of the skin and improves its condition.

The original lotion is packed in an already classic and convenient bottle that is also easy to store upside down.

The lotion is available in 150 ml and 500 ml bottles.

Aisti Kosteusemulsio moisturising lotion is available both mildly fragranced and fragrance-free.

Use: Spread on the whole body every day and add more when necessary.

Hand creams

Aisti Käsivoide hand cream contains healing water lily extract and protective vitamin E, moisturising the skin effectively to help keep your hands beautiful, supple and soft. The cream has a fast-absorbing consistency and is ideal for daily use. The hand cream’s fresh and clean fragrance makes you feel refreshed.

Aisti Käsivoide hand cream is available both mildly fragranced and fragrance-free. Package size 100 ml.

Use: Lightly massage the cream into the skin whenever your hands need to be moisturised and protected.

Mint-fresh foot cream

Aisti Mintunraikas Jalkavoide is a mint-fresh foot cream containing soothing menthol and freshening water lily extract. It refreshes and cares for tired feet. The cream also contains therapeutic vegetable oil that effectively softens the skin. The cream has a lively scent of mint for a vigorous feel. Package size 100 ml.

Use: Lightly massage the cream onto the feet, ankles and shins whenever your feet need to be moisturised and refreshed.

Refreshing water lily extract: Water lily is a beautiful aquatic plant that has been used for hundreds of years in skincare. Water lily extract is especially known for its refreshing and lightly cooling effect. Water lily thrives on the soft bottoms of ponds, lakes and slow-flowing rivers.

With care for the environment

Kiilto develops and manufactures products safely and responsibly, taking care of the environment and people. As a Finnish company, we know the Finnish conditions and requirements for products. The cosmetics in the Aisti range do not contain microplastics. Kiilto’s products are made from the most environmentally friendly raw materials. Biodegradability and harmlessness to aquatic organisms in the wastewater treatment process are key factors when selecting raw materials for products.